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Dec. 1, 2014 – HEADLINE NEWS

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Nov. 4, 2014 – HEADLINE NEWS

“Entrepreneurs Are Buzzing About Award-Winning Host John Frazier”


Same great show, but we are stepping up the game by revolutionizing the show’s delivery that entrepreneurs will love even more. Stay tuned as we launch America’s Entrepreneur TV Talk Show Spring 2015 – BizBuzz America. The show will be available on your TV, connected device, tablet or smart phone, both live and on-demand.  Great things are coming for small business & entrepreneurs in America! 

We Appreciate The Grassroot, Mainstreet Media Coverage Across America
We had over 350 Media Outlets Here is a Small Sample

Florida’s Hottest Small Business Talk Radio Show hosted by
our Chief Entrepreneur Champion John Frazier

Biz Buzz Florida is a fast-paced talk radio show spotlighting Florida’s best small businesses and the people who lead them. We feature the latest tools, strategies, tips, resources, and technologies especially for savvy small business owners, entrepreneurs, & professionals.

Our Small Business community is important to the American Dream and our economy considering small business is the backbone to jobs & real economic impact in the U.S. We fight for all small businesses in bringing the truth to you, the truth that matters, covering issues that hits home, your pocket and your small biz.


We broadcasted live from the TAN Talk Radio Network studios in beautiful Clearwater Florida.  BizzBuzz Florida broadcasted on three radio stations WTAN-AM 1340 – Clearwater, FL, WDCF-AM 1350 – Dade City, FL and WZHR-AM 1400 – Zephyrhills, FL. each week at 9:00 a.m. ET on Saturdays and streamed live and on demand through our website.

Spotlighting the best in small business throughout the region, we are focused as a Regional Central Florida Small Business Radio Talk Show. Check out our episodes’ audio stream on our website, some were recently made available on Spreaker too.





The Importance of CEO Peer to Peer groups

Penny Lewandowski, VP of Entrepreneurship and Strategic Direction, The Edward Lowe Foundation
One of the reasons the CEO Peer to Peer groups available through GrowFL are critically important is because you are sitting with people who are living the same kind of life you are, probably not the same industry, and can look at your challenges in a different way than you do and that can make all the difference. Listen to the show..

The New Collaboration Economy

Topher Morrison, Managing Director of Key Person of Influence – USA
The new collaboration economy, your perfect pitch, why collaboration is the key to entrepreneurial wealth, and today’s partnership opportunities for small businesses. Listen to the show...

Baby Boomers living their second half of life


Bevan Gray-Rogel, President & Founder Encore Tampa Bay
Some baby boomers are living their second half of life; their Encore career. Learn how to discover and connect to your Encore Career and live your life’s purpose as an entrepreneur. Listen to the show...


A Microbrewery Start Up Story

Mike Halker, President & Head Brewer, Due South Brewing Co
2014  Best Florida Brewery, shares his startup story, how he researched and tested his product before launching his brewery, financed his business, and received SCORE’s help with business planning. Listen to the show...

Real Insight to the Franchise Opportunity


Steve Galloway, Partner, President & CEO, Velocity Brands LLC
This 30 year industry veteran and multi-unit Dunkin Donuts franchise group leader shares his insight to help our small business community and those who are considering a franchise business opportunity. Listen to the show...

What we do?

spotlight small business
the back bone of our economy

Who's The Host

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What People are Saying About


“In the mind of this small business consultant, programs like BizBuzz Florida are essential. It is important to find out the real truth about what goes on in our state in business from a trusted agent like John.”
Brent Peacock Director, Veterans' Business Outreach Center (VBOC), Panama City FL


“Thank you for the time and opportunity to talk with you. I really think your program is a great benefit to the small businesses in the Tampa Bay market.”
John Diaz President, Industrial Supply Company - Tampa


“John, your show is very informative. I wish I had heard this 6 years ago when I started my company. It was good to hear from the women who did seek out the government set aside programs as an achievable revenue stream and how getting certified can help stream line your marketing. Great discussion!”
M.C. Vick Woman Owned Architectural Firm -Certified MWBE/DBE/HUB

BizBuzz Florida has it’s pulse on what’s going on with small businesses in Florida. We are appreciative of the radio show and thank you guys for all that you do.”
Michael Blasco Chief Eating Officer Tampa Bay Food Truck Rally

John, I think the work you are doing is very instrumental for these new entreprenuers in general. The first five years in business is a very difficult time period and having access to insightful resources like your show is strategic, helping educate them on the resources available and real strategies being used.
Charles Bushman President & Founder, Arcadia Aerospace Industries, LLC, Punta Gorda, FL

After discovering BizBuzz Florida talk radio show, I spent 2 hours on the website listening to prior shows and taking notes to help my small business.”
Caroline Caudill Owner, The Chandlery, Melbourne, FL

“I listened to some of the other segments on BizBuzz Florida and loved it. I think this information for small business is needed and it was fun to hear some of the other guests that were on the show. I love what you guys are doing”.
Jon Parish CEO CityGro


“I really appreciate the format and the effort you are making to help provide the insight to both lenders and institutional opportunities to help small business operator understand the climate. They see the front door of the bank and really don’t understand internal culture behind that. And I think you providing a valuable service to a lot of small and medium size businesses to help them understand what options are available to them and what the culture is like.”
John McCabe Vice President Economic Development & Community SBA Lending, GulfCoast Business Finance, Inc.


“The host John put me at great ease to talk about small business subjects that are really relevant to what people want to hear about in the community.”
Beth Giltin Director, Women’s Business Center, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL


If an area like Tampa Bay is going to be successful supporting the entrepreneurial economy its going to be through organizations that help create visibility for our local start ups. That’s why programs like BizBuzz Florida and folks like John Frazier are so important, because without visibility, the start ups can’t find capital, find customers and they’re never going to connect with the national press. Those are all essential to the success of start ups. Organizations like BizBuzz Florida are critical to the success of the entrepreneurial community in Tampa Bay.”
David Etheredge CEO, SavvyCard, St. Petersburg, FL


I do a lot of radio and most of the time the hosts are pretty lazy and don’t ask any thoughtful or deep questions. I could tell you’ve done your homework and did your research. I really appreciated the questions you asked and the time you took to research my experience before I showed up. Very professional.” Thank You!
Topher Morrison Managing Director, Key Person of Influence



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Our Latest Show Episode

Crowdfunding & Venture Capital for Small Business

 Crowdfunding & Venture Capital for Small Business with your host John Frazier Who are the players and what it takes to get funded? We had one of the the top Florida crowdfunding organizations on air, a nationally recognized crowdfund investment…

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John Frazier, America’s Chief Entrepreneur Champion, for BizBuzz Florida is on a mission
to help the small business and entrepreneurial community spotlighting small businesses
and those who lead it covering issues that hits home, your pocket and your SmallBiz.


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SEPTEMBER 26, 2014

John Frazier Named as One of The 2014 Top 100 Small Business Influencer Champions in North America

The Small Business Influencer Awards honor those who are influential to small businesses in North America, through the products, services, knowledge, information or support they provide to the small business market.

The Awards are designed to recognize the unsung heroes of small businesses – those who support and encourage entrepreneurs and small business owners, and help them achieve success and stay successful.



“I know it’s a continuous fight

to run a successful small business

and that’s why I am here for you,

bringing you the truth to help your smallbiz”


Our Show Segments

Video: It’s a Beautiful Day at BizBuzz Florida?

Looking at today’s landscape for readily available information about entrepreneurship and small busineses, we see that there is  a lot of mis-information, a lot of popular myths and common mis-conceptions, what it takes to run a small business, what’s required to become a successful entrepreneur, and the resources available. BizBuzz Florida covers the full gamut of small business topics and industries, bringing you straight forward talk about the issues that hits your home, pocket and small business.

The term entrepreneurship or start up has been hijacked by silicon valley narrative, the high growth entrepreneur, the young college kid that quits, starts a company in his garage, and becomes a household name like Michael Dell or Steve Jobs overnight. The rags to riches story. These stories captivate our imagination; but they represent a narrow sliver of the entrepreneur & small business eco system and may set up unrealistic goals for small business start ups, almost creating a culture of failure. Mark Zuckerberg is not the face of Main Street entrepreneurship. Mainstream media grossly over looks Main Street small businesses and we feel more focus needs to be given for the grass root, boot strap start ups and small businesses that more than likely represent the predominance of the small business entrepreneurial market. This is BizBuzz Florida!


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Show Episodes

Crowdfunding & Venture Capital for Small Business

 Crowdfunding & Venture Capital for Small Business with your host John Frazier Who are the players and what it takes to get funded? We had one of the the top Florida crowdfunding organizations on air, a nationally recognized crowdfund investment…

A Real Strategy for Small Business using Daily Deals

Missed part of the episode? Here’s a recap of our episode focused on “A Real Strategy for Small Business using Daily Deals”! For all you small business owners this week’s episode gave you some real insight and no doubt one…

2014 Florida 2nd Stage Companies to Watch – Program & Finalist!

Missed part of the show? Here’s a recap of the August 2nd, 2014 show that was focused on The Florida 2nd Stage Companies to Watch! 2014 marks the fourth anniversary of Florida 2nd Stage Companies to Watch! Developed by the…

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